Centrifugal Fans In Series Or Parallel Operation

Every time a single centrifugal fan inside the system cannot deliver sufficient ventilation and pressure or fan is simply too large to put together within the preferred space, then multi-stage fan systems are utilized as a substitute for single fan system. Several separate centrifugal fans may be operated in series or even in parallel plans for everyone specific needs of business applications. Whenever a increased volume or pressure is needed for almost any process applications, multiple fans systems may be used in series or parallel operation as opposed to simply replacing the very first fan with bigger capacity. Using centrifugal fans in multiple fan plans offer greater versatility in unit sizing additionally to lower the machine noise.

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Centrifugal fans in series operation

In series operation, fans are put in series near to one another much like push-pull arrangement, and so the first fan in series supplies air pressure towards the inlet within the second fan. When the fans have similar system resistance, then together they have produced a bigger pressure difference.

In series operation, each fan may have different inlet pressures. Because the first fan pressurizes the gas before offering it for that inlet within the second fan, there is a increase in the particular weight within the gas inside the inlet within the second fan. Accordingly, the 2nd fan in series have greater pressure differential inside the system and draws greater shaft power in comparison with first fan.

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The climate pressure does not simply double when two fans sticking with the same capacity are operated in series arrangement. However, by organizing two fans in series, the static pressure capacity in the given ventilation may be elevated. Because the individual performance of each fan isn’t the identical, the fans will handle exactly the same mass ventilation whilst not volumetric flow rate.

Series arrangement is appropriate to high resistance systems, which have extended ducts or large pressure drops across system components.

When fans are coupled in series, it is not simpler to operate one fan while using the other off because the pressure drop across when they visit another fan inefficient.

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